MaryAnna Studios (with Producer Jeremy Dinegan at the helm) is making dreams come true! MaryAnna Studios has made it possible for artists to record their songs as they have imagined them without having to sacrifice because of the mounting cost of commercial studio time. With an arsenal of quality instruments and gear to use if needed and a producer who is also a musician and vocalist, a recording artist has what they need to make the record of their dreams. It is now possible to make a recording that can stand up against any of the more expensive studios, but for a fraction of the cost. With many quality projects already recorded at MaryAnna Studios, you can see that you are in good hands. You will record the CD that you dreamed of and that you will be totally satisfied with. I will tell you from my own experience that MaryAnna Studios is making my musical dreams come true!
Richie Val

Jeremy is a pro. Efficient, competent, and courteous. He’s also a great musician and can interpret what you want to accomplish with your recording. Oh, and he has a quick sense of humor, which is vital when working with people like me. :) I highly recommend him!
Claire Kern

Jeremy is the most talented musician and producer I have ever worked with. He is a creative partner who can take your music to another level. When I brought my song ideas to Jeremy, they were just vocals and basic acoustic guitar. Jeremy's interpretations were exactly what I heard in my head and in many cases even better! As a one-man band, Jeremy added electric guitars, bass, drums, and keys, giving my songs a professional sound that was beyond my wildest dreams. What a rewarding experience it is to work with someone who is gifted (both musically and technically), creative, and friendly. I wholehearted recommend Jeremy to anyone who wants to produce their best music.
Scott Blades

Jeremy's kindness is evident from the start and induces a sense of comfort and ease during the recording process. But his follow-up move is total honesty, and it's that unique combination that guarantees the best possible product. He is both competent and trustworthy--a rare find in the music industry.
Crista Wright

Jeremy is fantastic to work with in the studio. He has a very supportive attitude and a keen ear to know when you need to do it again and when you have nailed it. You will experience a laid back atmosphere and freedom to be creative.
Michelle Seibold

Recording with Jeremy has been an extremely rewarding experience. He's committed to the sound I want, and offers suggestions with humility and expertise. I've been very pleased both with the sounds he captures and with his professionalism and dedication to his craft.


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